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The Hotbox

The Hotbox is a guitar amp load box with a very special Balanced Line output that is intended to be a recording source. Features of the Hotbox:

  1. The dummy load is a true 8 ohm load, capable of handling 100W and more. This means you are getting the tone of an amp that is actually working hard.
  2. The dummy load is cooled with a thermostatically controlled fan that turns on and off as the temperature of the load changes.
  3. The Line output preamp is the key to the Hotbox’s great sound.

We have developed a high quality brick wall filter that removed all the unwanted noise around the guitar signal. This is a true analog preamp using Audio File calibre opamps that are known for their clear warm high end and their big round low end. There is no need to alter the tone with AD and DA processing. We believe that process should be left to the recording system. Your computer has the processing power to do that well. This leaves behind only the unaltered tone of the guitar and the amp output.

The final stage of the preamp is a professional true balanced output with huge amounts of head room. You DAW will run out of head room before the Hot Box will start to clip. This is not some maybe I am balanced output. The scoped output is perfectly symmetrical. Just in case, there is a true plus-minus clipping indicator on the Hot Box that tells you if the negative or positive half of the output reaches clipping. If this LED does not go on then your output is clean. Guaranteed.

Hammond FX Loop

Don Voth's Hammond Effects Loop has been installed in many of the working Hammonds in Winnipeg. Everyone loves it. The features of the Effects Loop are:

  1. Has automatic true bypass when no devices are connected.
  2. Has true bypass foot switch.
  3. Can be set up for Unity Gain or Boost in effects mode.

The price is $450.00 installed. All interface cables and power supply included. If you don't love it, we will take it back!

The Pultec

This is the Pultec EQP-1A, re-issued by the Don Voth Electronics Company. Pultec folded and closed its doors in the late '70s. Thanks to Don Voth, the Pultec is back from the dead. Don says: "I make these items to order as the cost of parts is so high. Price is negotiable. interested people should call me to talk about price."